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Instruction Outline

The following topics represent the core content covered during our Winter Program


Week Attacks Counter Attacks Top Bottom Life Skill
Week 1 Stance & Mvt, Blast Double Leg Positions, Sprawls & Spins Referee Positions Inside Leg Standups Initiative
Week 2 Setups Snap & Spins, X Face Sitouts Mission Minded
Week 3 High Crotch Near arm Chop Tripod Finishes Poise
Week 4 Fireman Carry Head & Arm Series   Peakout Attentiveness
Week 5 Duck Unders   Nelson Series Barrell Rolls Courage
Week 6 Headlock Throw, Headlock Throw Defense Whizzer   Petersen Trust
Week 7 Sweep Single   Sprial Ride Granby Rolls Attitude
Week 8 Snap/Shuck/Drag   Cradles Leg Defense Truthful
Week 9 Slidel By/Pull By   Turks Switches Humility
Week 10 Ankle & Knee Picks Spladle   Knee Slide Standup Love
Week 11 Over Under Series   Far Knee Chip Sucker Drag Execution
Week 12 2 on 1 Ties   Cross Body Legs, Double Boots Tenacious
Week 13 Arm Drags   Cross Wrist Series Empathy
Week 14     Near Wrist Series  
Week 15     Turk Series  
Week 16     Cross Body Scissors  
Week 17     Arm Bars
Week 18     Crab Ride Series
Week 19