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2008/9 Statistics

This page provides team statistics related to the 2008/9 Season


Podium Finishes (Season To Date)



Team and Individual Results

Date Event Results Details
10/19/2008 Boardman Preseason Open 2 placers Matthew Williams -1st 5/6 Division, Matthew Williams - 4th 7/8 Division
10/25/2008 Green 6- Man Round Robin 7 placers 2nd Place - Ronnie Pietro  Kyle Minor, Tyler Johnson. Mitchell Soucek; 3rd Place - Matt Williams, David Cumberledge, Matt Slater
11/1/2008 Kent State Open 4 placers 2nd Place - Kyle Minor; 3rd Place - David Cumberledge, Chris Motter; 4th Place - Ronnie Pietro
11/8/2008 CVCA Challenge 5 placers 1st Place - Matt Williams; 2nd Place - David Cumberledge, Ronnie Pietro, Joey Hawthorne, Kyle Minor 
11/16/2008 Medina Fall Open 9 placers 1st Place - Matt Williams; 2nd Place - Chris Motter;  3rd Place - Tyler Johnson, Billy Buehle, Kyle Minor, Joey Hawthorne; 4th Place - Matt Slater, Mitchel Souchek  
11/22/2008 Jefferson Tune Up 7 placers 2nd Place - Kyle Minor, Grant Gasser, Aidan Fultz; 3rd Place -  David Cumberledge; 4th Place - Matthew Williams, Mitchel Souchek, Matt Slater
11/30/2008 12th Annual State College PA, Thanksgiving Tournament 1 placer 4th Place - David Cumberledge
11/30/2008 Twinsburg Open 7 placers 1st Place - Chris Motter; 2nd Place - Matt Slater; 3rd Place - Michael Caniglia, Nathan Szoch, Michael Szoch, Mitchel Souchek; 4th Place - Grant Gasser
11/30/2008 Luthern West Cowboy Open 2 placers 1st Place - Billy Buehle; 2nd Place - Ronnie Pietro
12/7/2008 Dual Match vs Butchel Win Team Kratos 30 vs Buchtel 29
12/14/2008 Dual Match vs Streetsboro Win Team Kratos 31 vs Streetsboro 27
12/20/2008 Lakewood Open 1 placer 2nd Place - Billy Buehle
12/20/2008 McDowell Holiday Tournament 3 placers 3rd Place - Matthew Williams, David Cumberledge, 4th Place - Matt Slater
12/21/2008 Dual Match vs Magodore Win Team Kratos 41 vs Magodore 0
12/27/2008 Greenville PA Tournament 3 placers 1st Place - David Cumberledge, Joey Hawthorne, 3rd Place - Matt Slater
12/28/2008 Dual Match vs Barberton Win Team Kratos 37 vs Barberton 12
1/3/2009 Medina Open 8 placers 1st Place- Kyle Minor, Colin Hall, Joey Hawthorne; 2nd Place Will Orazen, Matt Williams; 4th Place-David Cumberledge, Grant Gonya, Chris Motter
1/4/2009 Sandusky Open 1 placer 2nd Place-Billy Buehle
1/4/2009 Dual Match vs Team Irish Loss Team Kratos 8 vs Team Irish 14
1/11/2009 Dual Match vs Kenmore Win Team Kratos 26 vs Kenmore 3
1/15/2009 Dual Match vs Cuyahoga Falls Win Team Kratos 29 vs CF 21
1/17/2009 Streetsboro Inivitational Team finish: 9th overall 2nd Place - Matthew Williams, Billy Buehle; 3rd Place - Chris Motter; 4th Place - David Cumberledge, Michael Szoch
1/24/2009 OAC Worthington Districts 4 placers 2nd Place - Kyle Minor, 3rd Place - Chris Motter, 4th Place - Matt Slater, Ronnie Pietro
1/25/2009 OYWA Allstar Tournament 10 placers 1st Place - Luke Zelich, Michael Caniglia, Will Orazen, 2nd Place - Matt Zelich, Aidan Fultz, 3rd Place - Grant Gonya, Jonah Johnson, Oleg Waters, 4th Place - Stephen Hawthorne, Chase Gasser
1/25/2009 Dual Match vs Woodridge Win Team Kratos 33 vs Woodridge 19
2/1/2009 OYWA Barberton Divisionals 12 placers 1st Place - Billy Buehle, Chris Motter, 2nd Place -Ronnie Pietro, Mitchell Soucek, Kyle Minor, Nathan Szoch, 3rd Place - Matt Williams, Tyler Johnson, Joey Hawthorne, Zach Lewis, Matt Slater, 4th Place- David Cumberledge, Grant Gasser
2/1/2009 Brunswick Novice Tournament 3 placers 1st Place - Oleg Waters, 3rd Place - Matt Zelich, 4th Place - Chris Castrigano 
2/8/2009 OYWA Highland Districts 2 placers 3rd Place - Chris Motter, 4th Place - Ronnie Pietro
2/15/2009 OAC Stubenville 1 placer 3rd Place - Billy Buehle
2/15/2009 Beachwood Brawl 1 placer 1st: Matt Slater
2/22/2009 Barberton Battle for the Belt 2 placers 2nd Place:  Chris Motter, Kyle Minor
2/22/2009 OAC St Ignatius 3 placers 1st: David Cumbledge, 2nd Tyler Johnson, 4th Nathan Szoch
3/1/2009 Heidelberg Open 5 placers 1st Place: Matt Slater, Kyle Minor (9/10 age group), 3rd place: Chris Motter, Ronnie Pietro, 4th Place: Kyle Minor (11/12 age group), 
3/1/2009 Fairview Park Open 1 placer 1st: David Cumbledge
3/1/2009 OAC Uniontown  2 placers 2nd Place: Matt Williams, 4th Place: Joey Hawthorne
3/8/2009 Springfield Open 3 placers 1st Place: Matt Williams, Kyle Minor, 2nd Place: Nathan Szoch, 
3/15/2009 Mentor Open 8 placers 1st Place: Matt Williams, David Cumberledge, Kyle Minor, Mitchell Soucek, Brandon White, 2nd Place: Tyler Johnson, Nathan Szoch, 3rd Place: Ronnie Pietro, Chris Motter
3/22/2009 Brush Open 1 placer 1st Place: Mitchell Soucek
4/4/2009 Stow Open 4 placers 1st Place: Nathan Szoch, Mitchell Soucek, Kyle Minor, 2nd Place: Matt Williams, 3rd Place: Ronnie Pietro, Matt Slater