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2011/12 Statistics

This page provides team statistics related to the 2011/12 Season


Podium Finishes (Season To Date)



Team and Individual Results

Date Event Results Details
10/9/2011 SVSM Preseason Open 1 placer 3rd Place: Ben Basta
10/23/2011 Kent State Fall Classic 1 placer 3rd Place: Matt Williams
11/6/2011 Green Bulldog Open 8 placers 1st: Brennan Williams (5/6), Dietrich Boysel, Matt Williams, 2nd Place Brennan Williams (7/8), 3rd Place Mason Coleman, 4th Place: Ben Basta, Nolan Hogue, Michael Caniglia
11/13/2011 Cliff Keen National Kickoff 1 placer 4th: Matt Williams
11/13/2011 Medina Fall Open 8 placers 1st: Brennan Williams (5/6), 2nd: Anthony Perez, Ben Basta, Kevin Callahan, 3rd: Brennan Williams (7/8), Matty Clapper 4th: Dereck Berdysk, Joe Graf
11/20/2011 Clash of the Titans 3 placers 1st: Dietrich Boysel, Mason Coleman, 2nd Ronnie Pietro, 5th: Matt Williams
11/27/2011 Twinsburg Open 8 placers 1st: Aidan Mcstay, Mason Coleman, Matt Stauffer, 2nd: Joe Graff, Kevin Callahan, Nolan Hogue, 3rd:Dereck Berdysk, Aidan Fultz
11/27/2011 State College Thanksgiving Open 1 placer 4th: Mckinsey Tayerlee
12/3/2011 Dual Match vs Shaker Hts Win  Kratos 60 - Shaker Hts 21
12/3/2011 Dual Match vs Kenston Win  Kratos 114 - Kenston 10
12/3/2011 Dual Match vs TNT Win  Kratos 56 - TNT 19
12/4/2011 Dual Match vs N.Akron Loss  
12/10/2011 Grafton Open 3 placers 2nd Place: Matt Williams (9/10), 3rd Place: Matt Williams (11/12), Stevie Greer (11/12)
12/17/2011 Dual Match vs Medina Win   
12/17/2011 Dual Match vs Lancaster Win   
12/17/2011 Dual Match vs Wadsworth White Win   
12/17/2011 Dual Match vs Team Mixer Loss  
12/17/2011 Dual Match vs Westshore Loss  
12/17/2011 Barberton Battle for the Belt 2 placers 1st Place: Brennan Williams, Aidan Mcstay
12/18/2011 Dual Match vs AWC Win   
12/21/2011 Dual Mach vs Akron Gladiators Win  Kratos 24 - Akron Gladiators 9
12/29/2011 Luthern West Open 2 placers 3rd Place: Isaiah Perez, 4th Place:  Antony Perez
12/30/2011 Edinboro Open 3 placers 1st Place: Matt Williams, Dietrich Boysel, Ronnie Pietro
12/31/2011 Dual Match vs Field Win  Kratos 46 - Field 11
1/7/2012 Medina Open 6 placers 1st: Brennan Williams, 2nd Place: Joe Graff, Ben Basta, Isaiah Perez, Anthony Perez, 3rd: Dereck Berdysz, 5th: Nolan Hogue, Stevie Greer
1/8/2012 Dual Match vs Green Win  Kratos 40 - Green 9
1/14/2012 OAC Districts - Worthington 1 placer 4th Place: Anthony Perez
1/14/2012 Cranberry Open 5 placers 1st Place: Matt Williams (70lbs), Matt Williams (75lbs), Ronnie Pietro, Dawson Wervey, 2nd Place: Dietrich Boysel
1/14/2012 Beachwood 1 placer 1st: Sam Cartella
1/14/2012 Brunswich Open 5 placers 1st Place: Brennan Williams, 2nd Place: Kevin Callahan, Aidan McStay, Joe Graf,  3rd Place: Michael Caniglia
1/15/2012 OYWA Allstar Tournament 1 placer 1st Place: Charlie Conroy
1/15/2012 Dual Match vs Portage Lakes Win  Kratos 30 - Portage Lakes 9
1/16/2012 Dual Match vs Maple hts Loss  
1/16/2012 Dual Match vs TNT Win  Kratos 55 - TNT 15
1/16/2012 Dual Match vs Mayfield Win  Kratos 56 - Mayfield 26
1/16/2012 Dual Match vs Shaker Hts Loss  
1/21/2012 Naveren Open 1 placer 2nd Place: Sam Cartella
1/21/2012 Lakewood Open 4 placers 1st Place: Matt Williams, 2nd Place: Aidan Fultz, Austin Rohrer 3rd Place Isaiah Perez
1/22/2012 Clash of Champions, West Virginia 1 placer 2nd Place: Isiah Perez
1/27/2011 OAC Districts (New lexington) 1 placer 4th Place: Aidan Fultz
1/28/2012 Greenville PA 1 placer 1st: Sam Cartella
1/28/2012 OYWA Sectionals 10 placers 1st: Dietrich Boysel, Michael Caniglia 2nd: Ben Basta, Ronnie Pietro, 3rd: Aidan Fultz, Kevin Callahan, Dawson Wervey, Nolan Hogue 4th: Matt Williams, Gavin Wervey
2/3/2012 Mansfield Open 4 placers 1st Place: Austin Rohrer (75lbs, 80 lbs), 2nd Place: Aidan Mcstay, 3rd Place: Sam Cartella, Brennan Williams
2/4/2012 OYWA Disctricts 4 placers 2nd: Dietrich Boysel, Ronnie Pietro, 3rd Place: Ben Basta, Michael Caniglia
2/5/2012 Madison Open 2 placers 3rd: Brennan Williams, Sam Cartella
2/10/2012 Middlefield Open 8 placers 1st Place: Austin Rohrer, Matt Stauffer, Isaiah Perez, Anthony Perez, Nola Hogue, Derek Berdysz, 2nd Place: Mackenzie Tayerle, Sam Cartella
2/11/2012 OYWA States 2 placers 2nd: Dietrich Boysel, Ronnie Pietro
2/18/2012 OAC Districts - Glen Oak 5 placers 1st: Isaiah Perez, Matt Williams, 2nd: Brennan Williams, 3rd: Dietrich Boysel, 4th:Derek Berdysz, 5th: Dawson Wervey, Michael Caniglia, Kevin Callahan, Nolan Hogue
2/25/2012 Akron Gladiators Open 1 placer 4th: Brennan Williams
2/25/2012 OAC Districts: Midpark 5 placers 1st: Ronnie Pietro, 2nd: Kevin Callahan, 3rd: Ben Basta, Dawson Wervey, 4th: Joe Graf
3/10/2012 Ourway Districts - Wadsworth 4 placers 1st: Matt Williams, Brennan Williams,2nd: Isaiah Perez, 3rd: Anthony Perez
3/10/2012 Ohio Girls States 1 placer 2nd Place: Mackenzie Taylerle
3/11/2012 Boardman 1 placer 2nd Place: Sam Cartella
3/24/2012 Girls PreNationals 1 placer 1st Place: Mackenzie Tayerle
3/17/2012 OAC States 2 placers 3rd: Ronnie Pietro, Dietrich Boysel, 5th: Isaiah Perez, Brennan Williams 
3/18/2012 Akron SVSM 1 placer 1st:  Sam Cartella
3/24/2012 Ourway States 2 placers 2nd: Matt Williams, 4th: Isaiah Perez, 8th: Anthony Perez
4/21/2012 Ohio Tournament of Champions 1 placer 5th: Mason Coleman